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New Mackay Manufacturing Hub opens

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The Queensland government-funded Mackay Manufacturing Hub opened on Wednesday as the latest part of the state’s regional manufacturing hubs network.

The hubs program is budgeted at $38.5 million and aims to provide businesses with “expert advice and support to transition to advanced manufacturing,” according to its website. The $4 million Mackay facility was announced in March.

Local MP Julieanne Gilbert said it was “ready to boost the development of regional manufacturers and associated local supply chains.

“The Mackay Hub will service manufacturers across initial key focus sectors such as mining equipment, technology and services, resource recovery and agriculture and will be located within the Resources Centre of Excellence.”

The statement cited internationally successful local manufacturers, such as dragline bucket maker Mainetec and mining IoT company Vayeron.

Ryan Norris, managing director of Vayeron, said the new hub would help develop skills and knowledge that would benefit high-tech manufacturers.

“The Hub will also help with securing vital grants that help manufacturers like me increase capacity and capability, further improving our ability to connect with international markets,” he added.    

Hubs currently exist at Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Gladstone, and at the Gold Coast, which opened theirs in July. Toowoomba is currently attempting to win support for a hub.

Picture: Mainetec

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