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New manufacturing jobs and skills council established

Manufacturing News

The Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor today announced the establishment of three new skills councils including the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance (Manufacturing Alliance).

Formally IBSA Group, the Manufacturing Alliance is an industry-owned and industry-led organisation supporting the development of skilled workforces enabling modern manufacturing industries to succeed.

The CEO Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance Sharon Robertson (pictured) said Australian manufacturing was experiencing a period of renewed opportunities.

Robertson said: “As organisations seek to capitalise on future growth, they need a workforce with the right skills to make it happen.

“We are looking forward to being on the journey with them and providing workforce development solutions.”

The Manufacturing Alliance will cover sectors ranging from metal fabrication, print, food manufacturing and aerospace through to polymers, pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory operations, as well as emerging industries such as space.

O’Connor also announced two related skills councils:

  • The Transport and Logistics JSC: Industry Skills Australia will bring together employer and union leaders from the transport and logistics industries to support workforce planning and skills needs for Australia’s core supply chain sectors, which are critical to supporting the nation’s economy
  • And the Mining and Automotive JSC: The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance will work closely with employers and unions to address workforce challenges and skills gaps for industries critical to Australia’s economic and environmental future.

Jobs and Skills Councils are being established by the government to bring industry representatives together, with balanced representation from unions and employers, to identify and deliver the workforce skills that are needed for strong, competitive and sustainable industry.

Robertson said: “If the collaboration we have seen from governments, unions, employers and training providers while we were establishing the Manufacturing Alliance is anything to go by, then we are well placed to make a tangible difference to industry and its workforce.”

O’Connor said he was excited about the benefit that the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance will provide to industry and workers.

O’Connor said: “The Manufacturing Alliance will play a key leadership role in shaping the future of manufacturing in Australia.

“We are providing considerable support to ensure workers have the right skills now, and in the future, and Jobs and Skills Councils are a key part of making this happen.”

Picture: Sharon Robertson

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