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New prefabricated housing factory and training centre opened at Eagle Farm

Manufacturing News

A new QBuild Rapid Accommodation and Apprenticeship Centre at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, where an intake of 30 new apprentices across five trade types are being trained, was officially opened on Monday morning.

QBuild is a business unit of the state government, delivering construction and maintenance services and training young people.

Work is currently underway at the site on two prototype prefab houses, expected to be complete by June 30, according to a joint statement from premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and public works minister Mick de Brenni.

Standardised designs will be employed at the factory to suit Queensland’s four key climate zones, with modular units and homes then transported to where they’re needed.

“This new housing construction factory will use modern prefabricated designs to speed up the delivery of supply in Queensland,” said de Brenni.

“By streamlining the supply chain and cutting waste, we can deliver homes quicker with better value for money, freeing up our tradies to build even more.

“This facility will deliver new homes for our frontline nurses, teachers, and police in regional and remote Queensland, along with safe, affordable and appropriate social housing for the community’s most vulnerable,” added Palaszczuk.

Picture: Keira-Lee Knott and Samarra Porter, two first-year QBuild apprentices (credit Queensland government)

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