New Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities released


The federal government has added new sovereign defence priority areas in recognition of the changing nature of technology for the battlefield.

The government’s new priorities are:

  • Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Precision Guided Munitions, Hypersonic weapons, and Integrated Air and Missile Defence Systems
  • Space
  • And Information Warfare and Cyber Capabilities.

Minister for defence industry Melissa Price said four new Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities (Priorities) announced today would help to build a robust, resilient and internationally competitive defence industry in Australia.

Priority areas are beneficiaries of grants from the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, the Next Generation Technologies Fund and through the Defence Innovation Hub to support R&D.

Sovereign defence capabilities are guided by the 2018 Defence Industry Capability Plan.

The original group of capabilities were for those needed in the next three to five years, or those in need of more dedicated monitoring, management, and support due to their industrial complexity, government priority, or requirements.

They were:

  • Collins class submarine maintenance and technology upgrade
  • Continuous shipbuilding program
  • Land combat vehicle and technology upgrade
  • And enhanced active and passive phased array radar capability.

Price said the priorities were essential to maintaining the Australian Defence Force’s combat edge.

Price said: “The new additions are also focused on providing secure, long-term employment to Australians in 21st century industries and technologies.

“These Priorities build on our existing work of providing guidance and support to industry to develop the critical industrial capabilities which are essential for the ADF.

“A strong partnership with industry is fundamental to developing Defence capabilities.”

Picture: A Lockheed Martin Long Range Anti-Ship Missile – Surface Launch (LRASM SL)

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