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New training centre will address predicted skills shortfall in “second quantum revolution”

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The University of Adelaide has shared some details about a recently-funded ARC Training Centre in Current and Emergent Quantum Technologies (CE-QuTech), which it says will play “a critical role in advancing Australia’s position as a global leader in quantum technologies.”

The new centre is led by University of Adelaide, and directed by the university’s Professor Glenn Solomon.

Solomon said in a statement on Thursday that Australia needed to be prepared for “the second quantum revolution” and the exciting promise it holds.

“There is a predicted shortfall in the skilled and leadership workforce necessary to keep pace with this change, let alone capitalise on the opportunity for Australia to be a world presence in this space,” said Solomon.

“In addition, industry leaders big and small are clamouring for skilled workers in current quantum technology. Many in the industry are seeking an expanding skilled workforce in current quantum technologies, from automotive electronics and lighting to telecommunications lasers.”

CE-QuTech was awarded $4,869,032 by the Australian Research Council in a funding round last month, alongside funding for five other Industrial Transformation Training Centres and seven Industrial Transformation Research Hubs.

The consortium also involved RMIT University and the University of Queensland, as well as industrial partners.

Professor Arnan Mitchell from RMIT added: “I am excited to work with the whole CE-QuTech team to show how our photonic chips can be combined with quantum materials to create new solutions for industry – from wireless sensors that can work underwater to Australian made lasers that we can export to the world.”  

Picture: a photonics chip (credit University of Adelaide)

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