Next Science launches topical collagen products

Wound care technology developer Next Science has launched a range of topical collagen products to complement its’ BlastX anti-microbial wound gel infection treatments.

Collagen is the most important protein in the human body, and is critical for the reconstruction of a stable skin barrier and wound closure.

Topical collagen can have a positive effect on wound healing, and is often used for dressing ulcers, surgical wounds and radiation burns.

The company announced it was also developing an integrated BlastX collagen wound product which will be submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration.

The new products are part of Next Science’s growing range that utilise its unique Xbio technology which works by attacking the biofilm that surrounds and protects bacteria.

Originally developed for chronic non-healing ulcers and general surgical infections, Xbio’s biofilms disrupt biofilms, killing the underlying bacteria.

The company already sells its Bactisure wound wash, BlastX anti-microbial wound gel and SurgX hospital products, as well as acne creams, gels and cleansers.

At the same time, to speed acceptance of its products, the company has been licensed and accredited by US Medicare as a durable medical equipment supplier. This paves the way for the reimbursement of patient costs by Medicare/Medicaid.

Picture: Next Science

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