Next Science to launch five new products

Biotechnology start-up Next Science plans to launch five new products in 2020 as the company records increasing sales with its first anti-bacterial products.

The company recorded $633,000 in sales in the first quarter of the calendar year, largely of its Bactisure wound wash, BlastX anti-microbial wound gel and its just launched acne creams and gels.

During the quarter the company received the European CE mark for Bactisure, enabling sale to begin there this month, while the US EPA approved the company’s hospital grade disinfectant.

The company plans to launch further new products for skin repair and protection, a surgical rinse, and a surface disinfectant.

The company’s Xbio technology works by disrupting the biofilm which coats bacteria, making the bacteria more vulnerable to attack by antimicrobials, antibiotics and the body’s natural immune defences.

Research and development costs during the quarter were $758,000.

Picture: Next Science

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