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None of 11 QLD companies visited fully compliant in safety audits

Manufacturing News

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland recently visited 11 businesses in Ipswich, Toowoomba, Logan, Mt Gravatt, and Robina, issuing 91 statutory compliance notices and finding that not one of the companies was fully compliant in its health and safety duties.

A statement from WHSQ on Monday said the proactive audits were “aimed to ensure compliance with safety standards and promote a culture of responsibility” and focussed “on key areas relating to manufacturing and spray-painting activities.” 

Seventy improvement notices were issued and 17 safety issues called out by inspectors were fixed on the spot. Enforcement action was taken for more serious issues, with on the spot fines or prohibiting the use of unsafe equipment.

The workplaces visited during the audits are now undergoing follow-up compliance checks.

Peter McKay, Head of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, said, “Proactive compliance audits are key to helping drive down fatalities, injuries and illness across all industries.

“There’s no excuse for not taking appropriate safety measures to reduce risks to workers and others.

“By engaging with employers and workers and taking action when we see something that’s putting people at risk of harm, awful incidents are avoided.”

“The Manufacturing sector is one of the highest risk industries for recording workplace fatalities and serious incidents in Queensland.

The statement did not mention what period the site visits occurred over, only that they were recent.  

Picture: credit Spray Systems, Inc.

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