Now even Aldi is selling copies of Australian designed products

Next time you think of shopping of Aldi you might remember they are now in the business of ripping off Australian designed products.
Replica Mark Tuckey egg cup and Siobhan Glass’s Clothes Airer designs are on sale in Aldi Supermarket’s current catalogue.

Design Institute of Australia CEO Jo-Ann Kellock has contacted Aldi to emphasise her expectation that copied products are pulled immediately from sale and a public apology is issued directly to the designers.

Kellock says Australia’s Intellectual Property laws are grossly inadequate. IP Australia is currently considering if Australia should join The Hague Agreement. This would afford Australian designers protection against replicas in multiple countries or regions with minimal formalities.

She encourages members to join the conversation and tell Shay Stearnes, Buying Director at ALDI Australia [email protected] we’ve had enough of their replicas.

Protecting the integrity of Australian designs is crucial. Too many ideas have been ripped off with markets flooded with cheap copies, killing local innovation and manufacturing.

Copying is a constant problem and disruptor for Australian Designers. We’ve had enough!

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