Ocius Technology’s Bluebottle headed for NZ


Ocius Technology‘s Bluebottle uncrewed surface vessel is to be trialed by the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The company took to social media to confirm reports that the 6.8-metre, renewably-powered surveillance vessel was enroute to NZ where it will undergo trials.

Last year the Royal Australian Navy contracted to acquire five Bluebottle USVs from Ocius, following 15 months of trials run by the Defence Innovation Hub where they completed nearly 23,000 nautical miles at sea.

Polar Class logistics support ship HMNZS Aotearoa is to deliver the 6.8-metre craft to Devonport Naval Base in Auckland for the short-term lease, according to a statement from RNZN.

Bluebottle is powered by solar, wind and wave-power and can operate autonomously at sea.

Able to utilise radar, electro-optic and infra-red camera sensors, Bluebottle can identify vessels and signal a shore based control room, either by mobile phone signal or via satellite.

In New Zealand it is expected to work on fishery protection, border protection, meteorological data and maritime tasks without outside guidance.

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Picture: Ocius Technology

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