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OKA hires staff as all terrain vehicle manufacturer revives

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The Managing Director of OKA All Terrain Vehicles Dean Robinson has done what many thought impossible – revive the unique OKA brand and manufacturer which once built rugged all wheel drive light trucks for outback use.

A total of 448 OKAs were built and welcomed by mining companies and tourism companies for their higher capacity and unapparelled off road capabilities compared to traditional utes.

More than 350 are still believed to be operational.

However the the O’Connor Western Australia company eventually ceased operation, ending an era of the ungainly looking but effective OKAs ruling outback roads – and non roads.

Now Robinson, who bought business in 2002 after a period of shifting ownership, has steadily rebuilt the company and now manufactures and sells the unique NT series vehicle (pictured).

So much so that Robinson has now taken to social media pleading for more staff to boost production.

Robinson said: “We now need multi skilled trade based team orientated people to complete our growing order book, of the new Gen 5 NT Series OKA, and OKA upgrades.

“We seek Mechanics HD and Welding Fabricators to build this iconic brand.

“If you or someone you know is looking for a change for tis multiskilled role then contact (me).”

Since purchasing the business Robinson has produced a massive, 8.3-metre long 6×6 OKA vehicle and rebuilds old OKAs to modern standards.

It is now developing a , and a new model the RT which will boast four or six wheel drive, four or six cylinder engines and a gross vehicle mass of up to eight tonnes.

“OKA ATV builds on the existing legacy that OKA Motor Company has forged since 1986.

“This unique vehicle was designed for a niche market to surpass the standard four wheel drive vehicles currently available to the world market.”

Pictures: OKA ATV/the current NT series/vehicle cab construction

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