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Only two more sleeps until the return of the Polly Waffle

Manufacturing News

Only two more sleeps to go before the much anticipated return of the Polly Waffle chocolate bar.

That’s the good news from confectionery manufacturer Menz which has revealed the official start of on-shelf rollouts for the childhood favourite will be from Friday the 12th April 2024.

As reported by @AuManufacturing, the chocolate treat will not be in the original format of a waffle tube filled with marshmallow enrobed in chocolate.

Menz bought the Polly Waffle from Nestle and spent millions on new equipment, but was not able to reproduce the long gone chocolate in its original form – hence the new Polly Waffle Bite.

The 125g bag of Polly Waffle Bites will be gradually rolled out on shelves retailing at $5.50.

But don’t expect your favourite retailer to carry Polly Waffle Bites right away – Coles, Woolworths, independent supermarkets, petrol and convenience stores will roll the product out across their stores in the weeks ahead.

The reimagined treats will also be available at Menz’ FruChocs shops both in store and online.

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Picture: Menz/the new format for the Polly Waffle on sale from Friday

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