Optiscan completes key milestone

Medical imaging technology manufacturer Optiscan Imaging has completed a key milestone in its development of telepathology utilising its imaging systems that visualise biological structures in their natural environment.

The company has been working with Canada’s Prolucid Technologies developing a telepathology platform that enables pathologists to undertake virtual biopsy assessments.

The project has now passed the proof of concept stage, derisking elements such as software latency, data capacity and infrastructure composition, according to Optiscan.

“Anticipated for completion by the end of 2024, the software will be 100 percent owned, managed and commercialised by Optiscan, and will effectively position the company at the forefront of real-time digital telepathology.”

Optiscan Imaging managing director and chief executive officer Dr Camile Farah said the company’s telepathology platform marked a game-changing moment in digital pathology.

Dr Farah said: “The platform will bring significant value to patients residing in rural or remote settings, while granting health systems the ability to access pathology expertise from anywhere in the world from any location including the operating theatre for real-time consultations between surgeons and pathologists.”

Dr Farah said conventional histopathology or physical biopsy was time-consuming for health providers and operationally difficult for those living in rural and remote areas.

Dr Farah said: “The combination of a high-performance, cloud-based telepathology platform integrated into our slide-free, biopsy-free single-cell imaging technology, presents a unique opportunity to establish a new standard of digital pathology across the world.”

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