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Orbital secures new US customer

Manufacturing News

Perth drone engine manufacturer Orbital Corporation has announced a new customer, with US defence technology company AeroVironment ordering one of the company’s newest heavy fuel engines for assessment.

Orbital has been hit this year with issues with its dominant customer, Boeing subsidiary Insitu.

Orbital revealed in February that Insitu had terminated its third engine program under its long term supply agreement with Insitu.

Orbital CEO Todd Alder said the company was delighted with the new relationship with ‘one of the most significant players in the US and global tactical UAS markets’.

“The opportunity to work with AeroVironment is yet another demonstration of the diversifications of our customer portrfolio and the growing reputation of our superior heavy fuel engine technology.”

AeroVironment offers a broad range of unmanned aerial vehicles ranging from small systems to those larger than 600kg in weight, as well as unmanned ground systems.

Its products can carry tactical missile systems and operate as high altitude pseudo-satellites.

In August AeroVironment was awarded a US contract for the replacement of the RQ-7B Shadow UAS for ground manoeuvre brigade combat teams.

Alder said Orbital was in a ‘positive position in relation to the programme’.

Picture: AeroVironment Inc

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