Orbital to deliver drone test engine to Anduril

Perth drone engine manufacturer Orbital UAV is to deliver a test engine to autonomous technology and drone manufacturer Anduril which recently won a contract from Australian defence forces.

The development is part of a MoU signed by the two companies announced today to work on concepts, products and technical solutions in the uncrewed domain.

Orbital said the two companies would collaborate where there is common interest and would meet at an executive level to discuss customer intelligence and identify strategic opportunities.

CEO Todd Adler said: “The MoU represents an opportunity to demonstrate our superior heavy fuel engine capability but support’s Orbital UAV to take the first steps toward building a long-term partnership to support Anduril’s growing portfolio of hardware and software products.”

Earlier this month Anduril, the Royal Australian Navy and Defence Science and the Technology Group won a contract to design, develop and manufacture three prototype Extra Large Autonomous Undersea Vehicles (XLAUVs) over the next three years.

Anduril Australia CEO David Goodrich said Orbital had the potential to support the company’s current UAS programmes which include the Altius drones (pictured).

Goodrich said: “Orbital has a desire to diversify and understands the need to project and develop systems ahead of customer demand.

“We look forward to a long collaborative relationship with Orbital both in the United States and Australia.”

the agreement will help Orbital diversify away from its dominant engine customer – Boeing.

Picture: Anduril/Altius drone

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