Orica launches SHOTPlus underground blast software

Chemicals and explosives group Orica (ASX: ORI) has released its new blast design and modelling software for underground and complex mining applications, SHOTPlus Underground, following extensive testing.

The launch by the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial explosives complements its established SHOTPlus drill and blast software solution.

Orica Global Digital Products Senior Manager, Angelo Labriola said the new software for underground blasting has been fully re-written and aims to be the premier blast design package for the underground mining sector.

Labriola said: “Designing, analysing and visualising in 3D has never been easier.

“Ring to ring and hole to hole interactions and overall blast dynamics are at your fingertips, allowing users to optimise and maximise output, benefit and results.”

Underground blasting requires geometrically complex ring patterns.

Optimising the explosives loading and initiation design and producing clear instructions to blasting crews can have major implications for mine processing productivity, which relies on tight specifications for fragment size created by explosives.

SHOTPlus Underground offers improved interactive 3D tools and enhanced visualisation as well as Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) tools.

The new set of features and tools also allows for rapid comparison of different blast scenarios.

“The ability to seamlessly adjust, visualise and optimise underground blast loading designs and timing allows users to efficiently design blasts, irrespective of complexity.

“It also enables the necessary analysis to optimise the performance of blast designs with Orica’s electronic initiation systems.”

Picture: Orica

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