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Osteopore regenerative implants to join Protheses List

Manufacturing News

Regenerative tissue implants company Osteopore has had its products included included into the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Protheses List next month, making them more accessible to Australian patients.

Osteopore’s regenerative implants empower natural tissue regeneration, using 3D-printed bioresorbable silicone implants which create a scaffold which guides a damaged or broken bone to regrow naturally.

All of the company’s products currently TGA listed for use under the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), will be formally included into the Prostheses List on November 25th.

Osteopore Executive Chairman, Mark Leong said being incorporated into the Prostheses List ensured all Australians with private healthcare coverage could be reimbursed for Osteopore products.

Leong said: “Doctors and surgeons are able to choose the best available devices for privately insured patients as covered by all the individual healthcare insurance funds, and we believe our products are some of the best available on the market.

“Demand for medical devices has been growing due to population ageing, chronic health conditions and the introduction of new technologies.”

Leong said Australian doctors were increasingly looking for products that work with the body’s natural regenerative capabilities and replacing like with like, rather than having to rely on artificial replacement parts or bone grafts.

“Our solution is not only viable but can offer a better, safer and more reliable alternative to existing permanent implant technologies, providing a platform for lower potential complications and medical costs.”

Picture: Osteopore

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