Oventus wins new customers in the United States

Queensland medical device manfacturer Oventus (ASX:: OVN) has won two new customers in the United States for its O2Vent sleep apnea treatment device.

The company announced Delaware Sleep Disorder Centres and Reliable Respiratory would adopt the company’s O2Vent device as an apnea treatment across 10 US health centres.

A minimum of twenty devices will be delivered to each site monthly.

This will apply once FDA approval has been achieved for the device, likely in the second half of the year according to the company.

The O2Vent is 3D printed in nylon to measurements of each individual patient’s mouth.

It operates in two ways by pushing the lower jaw forward and providing an airway channel that bypasses the main apnea sites such as the soft palate.

Such a device may be useful for patients who cannot tolerate continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment machines.

Oventus CEO Chris Hart said the company would operate its ‘lab in lab’ business model at the clinics.

This involves Oventus utilising digital intra-oral scanning to measure the mouth and then production and fitting of the device.

The company announced initial customers in the US and Canada in July.

Hart said: “With the support of our recent capital raising, we are in a strong position to deliver on more agreements like these across our key markets.”

In July the company raised $7 million through a placement and launched an entitlement offer to existing shareholders seeking up to $2.3 million.

Picture: Oventus/O2Vent

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