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PakTech, Endeavour Group announce new recycling partnership

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Maker of recycled plastic packaging PakTech has announced a new collaboration with Endeavour Group, the owner of retail liquor store chains Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

According to a statement from PakTech on Tuesday, the partnership will see an expansion of Endeavour’s recycling scheme, which seeks to collect PakTech clips at the selected Dan Murphy’s outlets. 

It will encourage “recovery, recycling, re-use” of the collected clips, potentially into items such as “composite lumber, flower pots, park benches, new PakTech handles and more”.

“We’re now able to fulfil our vision of: made in Australia, recycled in Australia, and repurposed again into new products in Australia,” said CEO Brandon Rogers.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with an industry-leading brand in the Endeavour Group, and to formally commence our on-the-ground manufacturing here in Australia.”

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PakTech is based out of Eugene, Oregon in the US and manufactures out of high-density polyethylene. It has local customers including Asahi, Billson’s, Hawkers Beer, as well as a collection of craft brewers and winemakers.

US customers include Pepsi, KraftHeinz and Johnson & Johnson,

It entered the Australian market last year through a partnership with Visy as a contract manufacturer in Victoria.

According to PakTech, it and its partners have capacity to produce “up to 75 million recycled multipack beverage can handles” each year in Australia. 

The statement this week notes that contract manufacturing is through a Visy facility in Sydney. 

It adds that PakTech’s can handles have recently been assessed as recyclable through the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) ARL program, 

The company counts the equivalent of “approximately one billion recycled milk bottles” as having been “collected, shredded, and extruded into pellets to create PakTech products globally”, or 63,000 tonnes of HDPE.

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