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PakTech onshores secondary packaging production

Manufacturing News

US sustainable packaging producer PakTech is to onshore manufacture of its secondary packaging made from 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The company announced today its official launch in Australia and news that it would service existing customers including Hawkers Brewery, Billson’s of Beechworth and The Apple Press as well as new customers with locally made secondary packaging.

The company is best known for its secondary handles which are used to pack, pick up and carry multiple food, beverage and consumer goods products such as six-packs of beer and drinks such as fruit juices (pictured).

From later this year, using its proprietary technology, PakTech will have the capacity to manufacture 100 million recycled injection moulded packaging handles for cans, bottles and other containers annually within Australia.

PakTech CEO Brandon Rogers said conscious consumerism was flourishing, and pressure from consumers around the world is forcing brands and retailers to rethink their approach to sustainable packaging.

Rogers said: “Sustainability and the circular economy is no longer a competitive differentiator, it’s an expectation.

“Australia’s buying habits are very similar to ours in the US. We’ve seen significant organic growth in recent years, and we forecast that will continue in the coming years.

“Establishing an on-the-ground local footprint in the region is incredibly exciting not only for PakTech, but for our customers and everyone in Australia who cares about sustainability and our impact on the environment.”

The company said it was embracing an entirely circular economy model in Australia with a contract manufacturing facility in Victoria and a proprietary partnership with recycling and packaging company Visy.

“Through it, PakTech will be able to tap burgeoning demand and fulfil its vision – made in Australia, recycled in Australia, and repurposed again into new PakTech products in Australia.”

According to a report from environmental consultancy firm Eunomia Research and Consulting and the European Environmental Bureau, Australia’s recycling rate ranked 21 in a list of 25 developed economies.

Its recycling rate of 41.6 percent is higher than only Finland, France, Hong Kong and the United States.

Picture: PakTech secondary handles applied to drink bottles

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