Partnership launched to make lower-carbon concrete

Suvo and PERMAcast have entered a joint venture to develop low-carbon geopolymer concrete products.

These geopolymers are made from what Suvo calls waste-derived products, as opposed to regular concrete manufacturing materials.

Using this geopolymer during manufacturing, as opposed to traditional ordinary Portland cement, as a binder to make concrete can help cut emissions as OPC is the single largest individual source of greenhouse gasses and accounts for 8% of all global emissions, equivalent to the world’s entire car fleet, Suvo claims.

Suvo says the joint venture allows them to fast track the commercialisation of the geopolymer concrete by two to three years, “as PERMAcast, given their scale and expertise, offer a clear avenue for scale up and industry validation.”

“Forming a new company with PERMAcast to deliver waste-derived geopolymer concrete products to market is an opportunity that cannot be overstated,” Suvo Executive Chairman Aaron Banks says.

“Both companies have already identified a number of suitable products to commence manufacturing.”

PERMAcast CEO Darren Hedley the new partnership marks a significant step towards creating more sustainable construction solutions by addressing the need to reduce carbon emissions.

“By combining Suvo’s advanced research with PERMAcast’s manufacturing expertise and market access, we are positioned to bring high-performance, eco-friendly concrete products to the market more rapidly,” Hedley says.

“The development of geopolymer concrete product snot only aligns with our sustainability goals but also presents a unique opportunity for us to lead the market in low-carbon building materials.”


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