Pawsey centre installs diamond-based quantum computer

Perth’s Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre will trial a Quantum Brilliance room-temperature, diamond-based quantum ‘accelerator’ computer.

The trial will be the world’s first of a diamond-based quantum computer located on-site at a research supercomputing facility.

Developed by German-Australian start-up Quantum Brilliance, the rack-mounted diamond quantum “accelerator” leverages synthetic diamonds to run at room temperature in any environment.

The installation represents the first integration of quantum computing systems in a supercomputing centre, and will be used to demonstrate and test hybrid models of quantum and classical computing, by pairing the quantum accelerator with Setonix, Pawsey’s new state-of-the-art HPE Cray Ex supercomputer.

Pawsey’s Executive Director Mark Stickells said: “The installation of Quantum Brilliance’s quantum accelerator is a critical step and prime example of aligning with Australia’s goals to accelerate quantum research and achieve real-world value.

“The partnership between Pawsey and Quantum Brilliance will play a pivotal role in demonstrating how we can deliver classical-quantum compute power scale in a way never before seen.”

CEO of Quantum Brilliance Andrew Horsley said the installation was a significant step for the company, which is looking to make quantum technology smaller, more flexible and able to operate anywhere.

Horsley said: “Our vision is to take quantum from mainframe to mainstream — running your mobile phone, your car, your work platforms, or anywhere close to the application where it is needed. This collaboration is our first step toward achieving this goal.”

Pawsey, which supports over 4,000 researchers on its infrastructure, will use the opportunity as a way to help researchers run algorithms and become quantum-ready.

Picture: Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre/quantum Synthetic diamond

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