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Pegasus points its flying car to Dubai

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Pegasus International Group which claims to make the world’s only true roadable flying car capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) has set its eyes on the Dubai market after a successful capital raising.

The Mt Waverley, Victoria company showed off a prototype at the Avalon air show (pictured), claiming it was capable of ‘fitting into a standard parking spot, flying for three hours (and) driving like a sports car’.

Pegasus is developing a four seater personal vehicle aimed at the air taxi market following its June capital raising of $353,552 in a crowd funding exercise through

Director and CTO Jacky Yang took to social media and said that the personal use flying car had been out and about showing off.

Yang said: “Looking further afield, the team at Pegasus was excited to note recently that Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority is actively engaged in setting up the infrastructure for the world’s first air taxi network.

“It appears that four vertiports will be set up in the four key areas of the city – the international airport, the downtown, Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Marina – and piloted air taxis will be authorised to travel at up to 300 km/hr on designated routes.”

Pegasus flying cars can already be driven on private land and flown in Australia, and Pegasus currently takes customer orders for its standard E Class and law enforcement flying cars.

The company operates under a direct sales model, whereby it receives a 70 per cent down payment from customers to commence work. Pegasus’ current orders include 10 units for overseas customers.

Yang said: “Pegasus has a particular interest in Dubai as a future potential market due to its reputation as an aviation powerhouse with a government that strongly supports innovation.

“In fact, Australia and the UAE are currently negotiating a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), for which Pegasus made a submission of support earlier this year.”

Picture: Pegasus flying car at the Avalon air show

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