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Phibion launches MudMaster autonomous tailings system

Manufacturing News

Mine equipment manufacturer and service provider Phibion is to launch its Australian made MudMaster mine tailings consolidation machine at the World Mining Congress which kicks off in Brisbane today (Monday).

Mine tailings dams are ubiquitous for mining companies presenting environmental hazards as well as dangers to workers and local communities.

Phibion’s proprietary Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) management and MudMaster amphibious technologies are combined in the new machine, which is fully autonomous.

Designed to move around a tailings dump on a pre-determined path, the MudMaster can operate 24/7 and consolidates tailings and recovers water for reuse in processing.

Phibion Chief Executive Officer Jacques Janse said Queensland’s experience in the resource sector made it the natural home for manufacturing the machine and as an export base.

Janse said: “Our commitment to innovation and safety along with the support of leading researchers and the Queensland Government’s Invested in Queensland programme have enabled Phibion to take this technology to the world.

“We are making tailings dams safer, smaller and more sustainable which means we can reduce the area of disturbance for a mining operation while making tailings storage facilities safer for both people and the planet.”

Phibion said the MudMaster could halve in situ tailings volumes and increase the geotechnical strength and safety of tailings dams.

“We see this as a game-changer for mining tailings management and land rehabilitation projects around the globe.”

The autonomous MudMaster will be available from 1 July.

Phibion: MudMaster

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