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PPK Group advances BNNTs across industry sectors

Analysis and Commentary

By Peter Roberts

The Australian group commercialising boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) across a range of industries, PPK Group has reported progress across its investments and an uplift in the value of its intellectual property.

The group, which manufactures BNNTs and supplies partly owned businesses developing body armour, dental implants, advanced batteries and alloys among others, reported an $11.6 million gain from a re-measurement of the value of its interest in subsidiary BNNT Ltd (NMMTL) which manufactures BNNTs in Geelong, Victoria.

The group’s total assets rose by $56.7 million in the first half FY22 to $153.3 million according to a half-year report to shareholders.

PPK Group achieved a net profit after tax of $5.6 million, an improvement of the previous corresponding period’s loss of $2.0 million, after spending $5.7 million on technology across its three subsidiaries.

Highlights of PPK Group’s half included:

BNNTL is automating its production processes and negotiating a lease to house two new furnace modules that produce BNNTs

  • The completion of the listing of battery development group LI-S Energy on the ASX at a value of $1.5 billion. Li-S Energy is constructing battery optimising laboratories in Geelong, Victoria. The company is developing products with Boeing subsidiary Insitu Pacific and Janus Electric on battery development
  • Partly owned White Graphene Ltd is producing small quantities of ‘white graphene’, and has signed a research agreement with Deakin University, Geelong WGL also has a collaboration with Korea Zinc subsidiary Sun Metals
  • Ballistic Glass Ltd, 40 per cent owned by PPK, has successfully blended BNNTs into liquid resins for the production of bullet resistant glass, and into woven fabrics for bullet resistant clothing.
  • PPK has interests in 3D Dental Technologies, Craig International Ballistics, Survivon Ltd as well as a mining equipment business it intends to divest


Picture: PPK Group

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