PPK invests in lithium sulphur battery technology

PPK Group has invested in novel lithium sulphur battery technologies through its Li-S Energy subsidiary.

PPK announced that Li-S had invested US$1.7 million into Texas-based Zeta Energy which is commercialising energy packs using graphene carbon nanotubes and lithium sulphur.

At the same time Zeta Energy is investing US$1.4 million into Li-S, meaning the companies will end up with a two to 2.4 per cent holding in each other.

PPK’s Li-S has been focusing in its battery research on boron nitrate nanotube technology.

PPK said in a statement: “The board of LiS Energy considers that both technologies have merit and will present significant commercial opportunities in the emerging next generation battery area and that some sharing of research outcomes may be beneficial to both companies.”

Also this week PPK completed a capital raising of $3.25 million to fund its lithium sulphur battery projects.

PPK and Deakin University are jointly researching limitations in current battery designs and new battery architectures enabling ‘flexible film form’ batteries.

“Both PPK and Deakin University remain extremely positive regarding the future prospects of the Li-S battery.”

Picture: Zeta Energy

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