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PWR and aluminium specialist Constellium to partner on heat exchangers

Manufacturing News

PWR Advanced Cooling Technology has announced a partnership with Constellium, aimed at developing 3D printed heat exchangers and other aluminium components. 

PWR, an ASX-listed, Gold Coast-based company specialising in design and manufacture of automotive cooling solutions, said the partnership would make use of Constellium’s metallurgical expertise and proprietary Aheadd aluminium alloys for additive manufacturing.

Mark Booker, Technical Projects Manager at PWR, said the Aheadd CP1 alloy allowed for new possibilities with 3D printing, “combining complex shapes, faster print times and improved thermal performance. 

“The ability to anodise, weld and braze, all in-house with this alloy opens applications not previously suited to 3D printing”.

CP1 is an aluminum-iron-zirconium system tailored specifically for laser powder bed fusion.

Syam Unnikrishnan, Business Development Manager at Constellium, added that, “the absence of volatile elements in the composition enables fast but high-quality material deposition during printing, supporting the significant cost reduction for large, printed components.”

PWR is a supplier of cooling technology to Formula 1, NASCAR, Supercars and other motorsport teams, the automotive aftermarket sector, as well aerospace and defence industries.

Picture: credit Constellium

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