Q-CTRL in R&D to scale-up of quantum computers

Quantum technology developer Q-CTRL is partnering with Swiss research institute for natural and engineering sciences The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) to pioneer R&D in the scale-up of quantum computers.

Q-CTRL’s software and hardware systems reduce noise and error in nascent quantum computing systems, which store information at the sub-atomic level.

The strategic partnership will leverage Q-CTRL and PSI’s combined expertise to deliver transformational capabilities to the broader research community.

Q-CTRL CEO Professor Michael J. Biercuk said: “Q-CTRL’s focus on solving the automation and performance challenges in large-scale quantum computing align perfectly with the PSI Quantum Computing Hub’s mission.

“We’re honored to partner with the exceptional engineers and researchers at PSI to combine their system engineering prowess with infrastructure software to truly move the research field forward.”

PSI and ETH Zurich formed the ETH Zurich – PSI Quantum Computing Hub in May 2021 on PSI’s campus in Villigen.

Both are working to translate groundbreaking quantum computing research into building systems at scale.

As PSI seeks to scale up quantum hardware, Q-CTRL’s unique expertise in quantum control and AI-based automation makes the company a natural fit to help accelerate the pathway to the first useful quantum computers.

Together, PSI and Q-CTRL will aim to solve the critical challenges enabling large-scale, quantum-error-corrected quantum computing to become a reality.

Dr. Cornelius Hempel of Paul Scherrer Institute said: “As we go to larger and larger machines and continuous operation of testbeds, efficient and automated tuneup and calibration procedures become an essential aspect of day-to-day operations.

“…Q-CTRL’s hardware agnostic, yet hardware-aware tools will be very valuable in finding optimal control solutions that ensure uniform performance across larger qubit arrays.”

A qubit is the quantum computer equivalent of a bit of information in traditional computers.

Q-CTRL was recently awarded a US SBIR grant from the Department of Energy focused on quantum computer automation, and this partnership will build on those research developments.

Picture: Q-CTRL

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