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Q-CTRL launched Black Opal quantum computing education platform

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Leading Australian quantum computing business Q-CTRL has announced the release of its Black Opal Enterprise interactive education platform designed to help businesses adopt quantum computing.

The Sydney company’s Black Opal, which aims to make businesses ‘quantum ready’, has already been sold to quantum computing provider IonQ, as well as soon-to-be-announced Big Four consultancies, a Fortune 500 petrochemicals company, a military unit in Australia, and a government research centre in the UK.

Q-CTRL said the platform was the only comprehensive and interactive enterprise-ready quantum computing education platform, which now includes user management, tracking, analytics, and co-branding.

Its launch follows the release of Black Opal for individual users in April, 2022.

Q-CTRL Black Opal product manager Mick Conroy said: “Black Opal lowers barriers to understanding quantum computing for businesses and organizations building quantum-ready teams and empowered customers.

“In our customer engagement – and even in my own journey learning quantum computing on the job – we discovered how powerful building the right visual tools with enterprise functionality could be.”

Conroy said Black Opal’s intuitive, visual, and highly interactive platform made it easy for anyone to learn quantum computing, regardless of their professional backgrounds. T

The demand for people with technical expertise is even more acute in the quantum industry, and employees are demanding the training that Black Opal Enterprise provides, according to Q-CTRL.

SVP Product and Marketing of IonQ Ariel Braunstein said: “As one of the very first Black Opal Enterprise customers, I find the depth of content and the execution quality of the Q-CTRL’s edtech tool for quantum computing to be very impressive.

“The tool will aid in internal educational initiatives to onboard new employees and support their growth. Quantum computing is an exciting new industry and there is always something new to learn, for all levels of expertise.”

Image: Q-CTRL

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