QLD economy to grow an extra 7 per cent to 2050 if clean economy shift managed well: Deloitte

A new report commissioned by the Climate Council has predicted a benefit for Queensland if it handles the decarbonisation shift correctly, adding an extra 7 per cent to economic growth by 2050 to be a $780 billion economy.

The Deloitte report, People Powering the Future – Skilling Queenslanders for the Clean Transformation, is optimistic about the potential for workers leaving fossil fuel-based roles, and cites traditional industries as a source of strength in the transition.

According to the report — which tips clean economy jobs to grow 2.5 per cent year-on-year to 2030 — impacted workers would have on average four alternative occupations they could immediately pursue without retraining.

Drillers, miners and shot firers could work as power generation plant operators, the Climate Council said.

“Eighty per cent of tasks needed in Queensland’s future clean economy are already being performed,” according to the organisation’s economist Nicki Hutley. 

“For example, an electrician working in a coal mine can relatively easily upskill to work in another industry, such as a hydroelectric plant.”   

The report can be seen here. 

Picture: Nathan Rodriguez/Unsplash

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