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Quantum computing, plastic recycling among round 14 CRC-Projects

Manufacturing News

Twenty-four projects have been awarded a total of $50 million in grant funding through round 14 of the Cooperative Research Centre-Projects, including projects involving Gilmour Space Technologies, Diraq and First Graphene.

CRC-Ps offer funding of between $100,000 and $3 million for a project which must be at least dollar-matched by participants. Projects can be up to years in length. 

Those involved in projects will contribute $72 million of cash and in-kind contributions

Among the funded projects announced on Friday:

  • Gilmour Space, Macquarie University, Western Sydney University and Lintek were awarded $468,352 “to develop a stellar rate gyro that uses an event-based detector to view the star field to produce precise rotation measurements.”
  • Diraq, University of NSW and Perceptia Devices Australia were awarded $3 million for a project leverage CMOS-based qubits’ “inherent integration potential to create a Quantum Control Unit (QCU) which can be directly integrated with Diraq’s Quantum Logic Unit (QLU), at scale.”  
  • Advanced Circular Polymers, the University of Melbourne and The Trustee for The Rea Business Trust were awarded $2,400,000 to develop “a novel optical waste sorting technology with superior efficiency, fusing smart RGB and Short Wave Near Infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral vision system driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

A full list of round 14 CRC-Ps can be seen here.

Picture: credit Advanced Circular Polymers Australia

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