Queensland Gaskets to supply infantry fighting vehicle

Queensland Gaskets has partnered with Rheinmetall Defence Australia to work on the delivery of three LYNX KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the Australian Defence Force for Risk Mitigation Activity trials over the next 12 months.

Risk mitigation is a key step in defence procurement involving trailing and refining design and manufacturing to suit the needs of the defence forces.

Queensland Gaskets will supply componentry and an assembly of parts for the manufacture the new Lynx.

Managing director Carl Quarterman said: “Our collaboration with Rheinmetall has provided a great opportunity to showcase the breadth of our manufacturing capabilities – from consultation and gasket cutting to part assembly and everything in between.”

Established in 1953 Queensland Gaskets is an Australian owned private companymaking industrial gaskets and sealing devices for the fluid sealing sector.

The company’s products are used by sugar mills, hospitals, mining, ship building, alumina plants, railways, truck assembly plants, sewerage plants, pipeline constructions, water supply, foundries, breweries, food processing plants, fire prevention, refrigeration, sand mining and dredging and electricity generation.

In defence its gaskets feature in the F-35 Lightning fighter jet, are used on Haulmark trailers used by the armed forces, foam backings for body armour and in Boeing Australia battlespace communications products.

Picture: Queensland gaskets

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