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Queensland to trial Australian made flow batteries

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Queensland has announced trials of locally made flow batteries for community energy storage as part of a $179 million investment in the next stages of its local network connected batteries programme.

The funding from the Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund, will see 12 new local network-connected batteries installed across the state in stages, which follows the deployment of the first five at Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Toowoomba, Townsville and Yeppoon.

Stage two is currently in delivery, with battery construction underway on 12 batteries, while stage four will deliver 12 additional 4MW/8MWh batteries.

Stage four includes the trial of two flow batteries with sites likely in Burrum Heads and Ipswich.

Vanadium redox flow batteries are heavier than lithium ion batteries, making them most sitable for installation in stationery locations – VRFBs do not consume their vanadium electrolyte which can be reused at the end of the battery life.

Energy Queensland Chief Engineer Peter Price said: “Stage four of the plan will be particularly exciting as it will investigate the suitability of two batteries as an alternative to lithium batteries, with the added bonus of potentially kickstarting a local battery industry.

“By basing the batteries in communities where there are large volumes of roof top solar means renewable energy will be generated locally, stored locally, and then used locally, reducing the pressure on the network.

“With these battery projects we’re aiming for a win-win-win scenario that achieves the energy trifecta for communities throughout the state – affordability, security and sustainability.”

Picture: Energy Queensland

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