Quickstep and Nexport join in SoMAC CRC

Advanced composites manufacturer Quickstep and low emissions transport developer Nexport have been revealed as key backers of the recently announced Sovereign Manufacturing Automation for Composites Cooperative Research Centre (SoMAC CRC)

The University of New South Wales led collaboration with other universities and research organisations, together with industry was confirmed in the dying days of the last government as the recipient of $69.9 million in government funding, leveraging $189.3 million from 36 partners.

The two companies said that SoMAC CRC would strengthen Australia’s composite manufacturing industry and solve its major challenges while generating thousands of new jobs.

“The $70 million grant will be the perfect funding vehicle to catalyse the development of commercially viable lightweight technologies for new applications such as Space, Advanced Air Mobility, Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen.”

Quickstep said its efforts in the drone sector, in particular industrialising the manufacturing of airframes, will benefit from the multiplier effect of world-class R&D capability brought by research partners.

The companies said: “Leveraging CRC support to develop lighter and more efficient structures and advanced onboard energy storage systems, whether hydrogen or battery powered…creates synergetic opportunities to develop dual-use structures, where hydrogen pressure vessels, battery packs, and airframes are integrated into a joint, more efficient component.”

This advanced aerospace approach will be directly applicable to Nexport and its efforts in making ground transport sustainable and completely emission-free.

“Nexport and Quickstep Group are committed to working together to become leaders in providing integrated clean mobility solutions, and servicing the industry towards a zero-emission future.

“The future of Australian sustainable mobility is zero emissions, composites driven, and electric, and Quickstep and Nexport are driving the revolution with SoMAC.”

Picture: Quickstep Group

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