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Quickstep launches engineering services business

Manufacturing News

Composites manufacturer Quickstep has launched Quickstep Engineering Solutions allowing companies to benefit from its product development and manufacturing skills.

CEO and Managing Director Mark Burgess said the company was thrilled to have productised ‘our incredible engineering offering – product and process design/development, industrial automation and supporting capabilities’.

Burgess said: “With over 20 years of expertise in Product Engineering, Automated Production, Project Management, Supply Chain, and Quality Systems, QES is well-equipped to support businesses on their journey to innovation and excellence.”

Quickstep, which is headquartered in the factory formerly owned by Boeing at Bankstown in Sydney, works with numerous companies including drone manufacturers Carbonix and Swoop to develop manufacture for their airframes.

According to the company QES aims to provide solutions to its customers and bridge the commercialisation gap for businesses, offering specialised expertise.

“In phase two, we will showcase new capabilities and programmes, such as braiding, hydrogen, UAS, and GWEO.”

Picture: Quickstep Engineering Solutions

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