Raytheon trials Short Range Ground Based Air Defence System


Raytheon Australia has successfully tested its LAND 19 Phase 7B Short Range Ground Based Air Defence (SRGBAD) system – an advanced defence mechanism for detecting, tracking, engaging and guiding missiles against their targets.

The company undertook flight trials of the system at the Woomera Test Range in outback South Australia – stretching over 122,000 square kilometres it remains the largest land-based test range in the Western world.

Raytheon undertook a rigorous examination of the LAND 19 system which is aimed at strengthening the nation’s peace, stability and safety in an ever-evolving global defence landscape.

The successful completion of the trial confirmed the SRGBAD system’s accuracy and capability, proving it can perform its primary mission: detecting, tracking, engaging and guiding missiles against their targets.

LAND 19 Senior Program Manager Paul Szoboszlay said: “Seeing the whole system brought together and operating in its intended environment reinforces to our team the contribution we are making towards our ultimate objective, which is to put awesome capability into the hands of the Australian warfighter.”

The Flight Trial Lead Henri Westell said the trial was a mammoth task testing the SRGBAD system’s effectiveness against live air targets in a controlled setting.

Westell said: “There’s a significant amount of planning that goes into a trial as large and complex as this.

“The scope of the task was only realised through the hard work of a committed and competent interorganisational team.”

Westell said the processes required to successfully conduct a successful trial involved ‘many different ingredients’.

“Planning, communication and adaptability are extremely important factors.

“It’s about understanding the capabilities you need to demonstrate, what mission systems you require to execute those capabilities, which people and what expertise you need to achieve success, and what assets or facilities you need to support those people and the capability demonstration.”

The LAND 19 Flight Trial set the stage for a new era of integrated air and missile defence operations according to Szoboszlay.

He said: “By collaborating and engaging with our industry partners, we are delivering a programme that not only meets the customer’s needs but also reinforces Raytheon Australia’s role as the capability partner for Defence.”

Raytheon Australia: Short-Range Ground-Based Air Defence system at the Woomera Test Range

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