R&D underway for wave energy generator mooring


The Blue Economy CRC and Perth-based Carnegie Clean Energy are working to develop a new mooring tensioner, a key component of the company’s wave energy generators (pictured below).

The project, led by Carnegie CTO Alexandre Pichard, aims to support the use of rotary power take-off systems, bringing down the cost of wave energy conversion.

The efficient and cost-effective conversion of wave energy into electrical energy has remained a technological challenge.

The new project will develop, proof test and demonstrate energy storage in the mooring tensioner element of the system.

Also involved in the research are partners Advanced Composite Structures Australia, University of Queensland and ClimateKIC.

Pichard said initial work was already completed to develop the concept utilising lightweight and durable fibre reinforced composites.

The Blue Economy CRC is providing $850,000 to the $1.6 million project which will manufacture a scale prototype mooring tensioner and a test rig.

Picture: Blue Economy CRC

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