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Relectrify achieves IEC certifications for its commercial and industrial energy storage product

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Relectrify, which uses a collection of second-life electric vehicle battery cells and its own inverter and battery management system (BMS) technology for energy storage, has announced the achievement of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification for its ReVolve product.

Revolve uses nine Nissan Leaf EV batteries in its battery packs, as well as the Relectrify’s BMS+Inverter system – a hybrid of inverter and BMS – with over 120 kilowatt hour storage capacity.

According to the company its system has a “cell-level control architecture”  and results in up to 30 per cent increased battery lifetime at 30 per cent lower cost of electronics.

“We’re extremely proud to receive this strong validation that our technology is ready for wide-spread integration and global impact,” said Valentin Muenzel, CEO and Co-Founder of Relectrify, in a statement on Tuesday. 

“The ReVolve demonstrates that our BMS+Inverter technology meets performance, safety, and grid compliance needs, supporting the technology’s integration in collaborative projects with leading global battery companies for residential, industrial and grid-scale applications.”

Relectrify was founded in Melbourne in 2015, and announced the successful close of a growth funding round led by Toyota Ventures in January this year. Other backers include the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, South Korea’s GS, and Europe’s EDP.

The certification includes IEC 62477-2 and IEC 62477-1 for performance, IEC 62619 for safety, and the IEC 62040 standard for stationary batteries. According to the company, their certification is a world-first for a “commercial and industrial scale storage product using cell-level control.”

The announcement also included an endorsement from Peter Jones, Managing Director of Nissan Casting Australia Plant, as well as Moonis Vegdani, Group Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of Counties Energy.

“At Nissan Casting Plant Australia, we are proud to be introducing Relectrify’s ReVolve technology to our Nissan NODE circular economy project,” said Jones.

“Relectrify’s unique technology provides an innovative solution to utilise second-life EV batteries from the Nissan LEAF and I’m looking forward to having the Nissan NODE project fully operational at NCAP in the near future.”

Picture: The ReVolve product being tested (credit Relectrify)

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