Retailers commit to providing Australian Made products

Several leading Australian retailers have committed to providing customers with a wide range of genuine Australian products in-store and online.

Partnering with the Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) are Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Harvey Norman, Berkowitz Furniture, Forty Winks and Bev Marks..

Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said: “Australia’s leading retailers are helping to support our manufacturers and growers as they lead the way in Australia’s recovery from COVID-19.

“These Australian Made Retail Partners are (highlighting) their commitment to Australian industry and give Australian consumers what they want—genuine Aussie products.”

Australian Made recently launched a national marketing campaign to remind consumers ‘It’s never been more important to buy Australian than right now’.

Lazzaro said Australia’s overreliance on imported products has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s time to address this imbalance.

“While there will always be a requirement for imports, we must get the balance right between local and offshore manufacturing, to ensure Australia’s long-term prosperity.”

While the retailers who have signed up to Australian Made are an impressive list, there are many many more who do not provide locally made alternatives for consumers to choose.


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