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Rio Tinto and Shougang Group study steel decarbonisation

Manufacturing News

Metals company Rio Tinto and steel producer Shougang Group are to research and implement low-carbon solutions for the steel value chain, aiming to cut steelmaking’s carbon intensity.

They have signed a MoU which is focused on areas include low-carbon sintering technology, blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) optimisation, and carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).

Initial efforts will be focused on BF slag heat recovery, BOF slag utilisation, CCU and low-carbon sintering technology, according to an announcement.

Rio Tinto and Chinese state-owned have been trade and technical partners for 30 years.

Rio Tinto chief commercial officer Alf Barrios said the two companies shared vision of a ‘greener’ steel value chain.

“Steel is a vital material for economic growth and low-carbon infrastructure.

“At Rio Tinto, we want to play a strong role as an industry partner to support the decarbonisation of steel.”

Shougang Group vice president Wang Jianwei said: “Green and low-carbon transition and upgrading is the only way for high-quality and sustainable development of the steel industry.”

Picture: Shougang Group

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