Rivet repair tool goes into production

Engineering firm Valley Precise Global has begun manufacture of a faster and more accurate way to reduce potential fuselage damage when replacing faulty rivets on aircraft.

VPG’s Rivet Hole Alignment Tool (RHAT) reduces demands on the technician whilst eliminating errors related to centering over the rivet for subsequent drilling and reaming.

Manufactured under an exclusive global licence from Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group, the tool has been validated by BAE Systems and Boeing technicians.

It was originally developed by DSTG and BAE to improve rivet repair performance on the BAE Systems Hawk jet-powered advanced trainer aircraft.

Faster and more accurate than current techniques, the tool provides a stable platform for removal or rivets with a greater than 90 per cent reduction in the potential for damage to fuselage holes and panels and substrate.

Founder of Adelaide’s Precise Advanced Manufacturing Group Grant Tinney said feedback from export customers had backed up claims of the Rivet Hole Alignment Tool recouping its cost in less than three months.

Picture: Valley Precise Global

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