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Riviera welcomes record 52 new boat building apprentices

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Coomera, Queensland luxury boatbuilder, Riviera has welcomed a record intake of 52 first apprentices including 12 females, adding to more than 400 tradespeople trained at the company over the past three decades.

In total 27 are school based apprentices and 25 are full time apprentices.

The motor yacht sector has been riding a significant economic wave through and since Covid-19, bringing new employment opportunities for young people who will study at a new Riviera Academy of Excellence which can handle 150 apprentices.

Riviera’s owner Rodney Longhurst said: “I’m exceptionally proud that our Riviera team will be mentoring these talented new apprentices and giving them such a great opportunity.

“It’s immensely rewarding for me, personally, to see our apprentices develop into such accomplished mature adults and great Australians, all with world leading boat building skills.

“Our significant investment in our new Academy of Excellence reflects our investment in all our team.

“So many of our senior managers and tradespeople have completed their apprenticeships here, highlighting the rewarding and long-term career pathway that we offer at Riviera.”

The new academy is sited at Riviera’s 16.8-hectare Gold Coast facility and will operate across 10 individual trades, including composite technology, marine craft construction, diesel fitting and cabinetmaking.

Riviera Apprentice and Training Manager Keira Badke said: “Our holistic training programme offers strong support for our apprentices where we teach their chosen trade skills alongside coaching life skills to help nurture world class people that will help build our world class motor yachts.

“They really are the master craftsmen and women of the future and from their very first day with Riviera we want our apprentices to know that we will do all we can to help them be the best they can be.

“It’s often their first real working day, so naturally, they’re eager to commence learning their trade and ultimately, begin to help us build our beautiful motor yachts.”

The Academy has partnered with Milwaukee, a leader of professional tools to provide the latest equipment for use by the apprentices, including the most modern air filtration system to ensure the centre remains dust free.

Riviera customers can choose from five collections from 39 to 78 feet in length, including blue-water Flybridge boats, Sport Yachts, the SUV series, long-range Sports Motor Yacht designs, and luxury Motor Yachts or the company’s classic Belize Motor Yachts.

The company’s 850-strong staff export around 55 percent of annual production to a global dealer network spanning every continent.

Picture: Riviera

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