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Robots and radiotherapy among projects awarded $18 million in Accelerating Commercialisation grants

Manufacturing News

More than 30 projects were awarded grants under the federal Accelerating Commercialisation program last week, ranging from pilot-scale superconductor manufacturing to an autonomous vehicle to assist blasting at mine sites.

Accelerating Commercialisation is part of the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme, and provides funding and advice to help “[b]usinesses, start-ups and researchers” reach global markets with “a novel product, process or service ready to scale up”.

Grants can cover up to half of project costs and are valued between from $50,000 to $1 million.

Jevons Robotics was awarded the maximum amount to support ROEVA, which CEO and founder Todd Peate described in a statement as “a world first, autonomous, electric battery vehicle which will initially be used in the delivery of explosives, blast quality assurance and delivery of stemming.”

Other companies (a full list is reproduced below) sharing in the March round totalling approximately $18 million include HVAC and cooling system developer and manufacturer Glaciem Technologies, awarded $516,165 for a project titled Climate Friendly Cooling System for Supermarkets and Fast Food Outlets.

University of Wollongong spinout business Electrogenics was awarded $689,668 to develop MOSkin, a tool that is designed to precisely measure radiation dose and dose rate in radiotherapeutics.

LYRO Robotics – which announced this month that it is seeking up to $3.5 million in seed funding to further develop its automated farm solutions – was awarded $797,441 for development of a “multi-produce, intelligent packing robot”.

Picture: credit Lyro

Applicant name Project title Grant amount (ex GST) Organisation state
Admix Pty. Ltd. Commercialising a design optimisation tool for engineers and manufacturers $234,306.00 VIC
Agora Square Pty Ltd Cutting the fat out of Australian livestock markets $550,000.00 WA
Agrihive Pty Ltd Agrihive – Farmer-facing business insights for global ESG impact $497,400.00 QLD
Allegro Energy Pty Ltd Pilot-scale manufacturing of next generation supercapacitors $500,000.00 NSW
Augment Health Solutions Pty Ltd Atidia surgical risk prediction algorithms commercialisation project $469,122.00 VIC
Aurabox Pty Ltd Aurabox – Medical Imaging Collaboration Platform $499,072.00 ACT
Cardihab Pty Ltd C.R.O.P.S – impact via health data and augmented intelligence in care $782,768.00 QLD
Damage Newco Pty Ltd Vision AI platform for claims assessment and repair estimation. $408,965.00 NSW
Dewpoint Innovations Pty Ltd Commercialising Next Generation Advanced Coating Technology $427,250.00 NSW
Disco Development Pty Ltd Novel software platform for advanced e-commerce engagement $479,677.00 VIC
Ecoboxtec Pty Ltd Commercial Trials for Ecoboxtec Smart Reverse Vending Machine $799,646.00 QLD
Electrogenics Laboratories Ltd Electrogenics MOSkin – an innovative therapeutic radiation dosimeter $689,668.00 NSW
Exergenics Trading Pty Ltd Exergenics Machine Learning Chilled Water Plant Optimisation Software $656,200.00 VIC
Get Mee Pty Ltd. Communication coaching AI to help people with English as a second language $399,012.00 VIC
Glaciem Cooling Technologies Pty Ltd. Climate Friendly Cooling System for Supermarkets and Fast Food Outlets $516,165.00 SA
Global Aquatica (Aust.) Pty Ltd Global Aquatica (Aust.) BioAqua Water Treatment Plant – Mount Morgan $1,000,000.00 VIC
GridQube Pty Ltd GridQube Level-Up $670,600.00 QLD
Jevons Robotics Pty Limited Jevons Robotics Autonomous Blast Hole Loading and Stemming $1,000,000.00 WA
Kmstech Pty. Ltd. Digital Hands-On Skill Transfer at Scale through Digital Workflows $667,685.00 QLD
Lactamo Holdings Pty Ltd Preparing Lactamo to launch in the key target market of India. $365,783.00 NSW
LEON Energy Pty Ltd Off-grid Flywheel Energy Storage Stand Alone Power System $325,000.00 NSW
Licorice App Pty Ltd Commercialisation of AI-Scheduling for Efficient IT Service Delivery $391,838.00 SA
LYRO Robotics Pty Ltd A multi-produce, intelligent packing robot $797,441.00 QLD
MMAPT Robotics Pty Ltd MMAPT Robotic Product Photography $749,822.00 SA
Monsoon Aquatics Pty Ltd Aquaculture system for Coral Stage 2 $528,848.00 QLD
Neurotologix Pty Ltd Remote patient monitoring for dizziness and vertigo $786,761.00 WA
Noble Hill Pty Limited Neuron Commercial Building SaaS Project $398,750.00 NSW
Peoplebench Pty Ltd PeopleBench: Australian SaaS to address the global school workforce crisis $659,300.00 QLD
Pioneera Group Pty Ltd Commercialisation of Pioneera’s Indie for Enterprise Customers $345,961.00 NSW
Seonix Pty Ltd Development of SightScore – a genetic risk score for glaucoma $471,168.00 SA
Smart Mcs Pty Ltd Automated Production Line of Smart Microcarriers for Upscaling Cultivation $313,415.00 NSW
Space Services Australia Pty Ltd Digital Twin API for Sustainable Operation of Spacecraft at Scale $478,383.00 ACT
TechNol Pty Ltd A unique fire monitoring and suppression system for combine harvesters $297,461.00 WA
Teknix Pty Ltd Novel IoT spray tracking platform from Teknix $339,880.00 QLD
The Yume App Pty Ltd Digitising the inventory clearance process for the food and beverage sector $366,560.00 VIC
Visibuild Pty Ltd Validating the Visibuild Quality Assurance Software Platform $484,007.00 VIC
Wise Sustainability Pty Ltd Game-changing decarbonising/energy saving system for tourist accommodation $355,948.00 ACT

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