RØDE launches new high performance microphone

Sydney audio engineer RØDE Microphones has launched a new shotgun microphone for sound recording and film making, the NTG5 (pictured).

RØDE, the world number one manufacturer of on-camera microphones, completely overhauled its design, with circular acoustic ports replacing the linear slots found in earlier mics.

The company said it was the culmination of 28 years of R&D in microphone design, and builds on the development of the TF5, RØDE’s premium small diaphragm condenser microphone.

The NTG5 features a similar perforated acoustic vent design, ‘RF-bias technology and conformal coating’ combine to improve reliability in inclement weather.

It boasts ‘a tightly controlled frequency response and very low self-noise’, making it ideal for capturing dialogue, the company said in launching the microphone.

“NTG5 sounds spectacular in a wide variety of applications, particularly location recording and demanding filmmaking scenarios where superlative audio is imperative.”

RØDE has has expanded sales to 117 countries since it was founded by Peter Freedman 50 years ago, winning awards for design and export.

Its Sweetwater, Sydney factory employs 250 in the fields of electronics, audio and acoustics engineering, industrial design, robotics, precision engineering (below), metal production, toolmaking, injection-moulding, logistics and assembly.

Picture: RØDE Microphones

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