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Russell Mineral Equipment automates mine mill relining

Manufacturing News

Mill relining systems manufacturer Russell Mineral Equipment has developed the world’s first semi-automated mine mill relining system, delivering significant safety and commercial outcomes for users and industry.

The Toowoomba, Queensland company said a reduction in mill relining risks and shutdown duration was achieved through its automation of proven technologies as well as novel liner and bolt design and change management within site management and reline crews.

RME Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Engineer, Dr John Russell said: “RME’s goal has been to enable our customers to reline mills with no one inside, providing them with remarkable safety and efficiency benefits.

“By eliminating human-machine interaction, we can speed up the machines and relining processes, consistently and repeatably. This advanced capability is now a reality.”

RME automated systems associated with worn liner removal and new liner placement, enabling the completion of these necessary maintenance processes without any person inside the mill.

Developed in collaboration existing customers, including PT Freeport Indonesia, the system consistently and repeatably speeds up mill relining, according to the company.

RME reviewed and improved on its existing 24 Steps to Mill Relining Standard to achieve the new AutoMotion Mill Relining Machine (MRM) – itself a highly advanced configuration of the company’s 7-axis liner exchange machine, the RUSSELL 7 MRM.

In the new system it is complemented by THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY, a semi-automated knock-in system used on the exterior of the mill.

Engineer and non-executive director Dr Peter Rubie said even one hour of downtime can cost a mine upwards of US$200,000 of lost production.

“We understood from our 35+ years as an OEM that to safely automate mill relining, we would need to consider the many interdependent tasks across the entire process.

“The engineering result is now a tightly-integrated system of advanced modular technologies that automate manual repetitive tasks, eliminate risks and speeds-up relining.”

Picture: Russell Mineral Equipment

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