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SafeWork gives reminder on machine safety

Manufacturing News

SafeWork NSW inspectors have begun visiting Sydney manufacturing companies to ensure machine safety, the government agency said on Wednesday.

Inspectors were undertaking visits in the Sydney metropolitan area, and SafeWork issued a reminder for businesses to think of safety when operating, maintaining, and cleaning machinery.

Machinery operation is a high-risk activity, said Executive Director Compliance and Dispute Resolution Matt Press in a statement. It remains the leading cause of workplace fatalities and injuries in manufacturing.

“Machines, especially those with moving parts, are a hazard to operators and other workers who can be caught in the machine, struck, or hit by ejected machine parts,” said Press.

“Sadly, on 8 July this year, a man in his 20s was killed operating machinery at a recycling centre in Riverstone in a matter being investigated by SafeWork.

“Sixty-five per cent of all injuries resulting in a major workers compensation claim involved machinery between 2017 and 2021, with data indicating that young, labour hire and culturally and linguistically diverse workers are at greater risk.”

According to Press’s organisation, the main reasons for serious injury or death while operating machinery included removing a blockage or jam during operation, cleaning or maintenance without appropriate safeguards, and lack of understanding of operating procedures.

Picture credit: SafeWork NSW

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