Sage Group launches shopping trolley sanitiser

Automation and industrial company SAGE Group has launched a new automated machine to be installed in supermarkets and capable of sanitising entire shopping trolleys.

SAGE CEO Adrian Fahey took to social media to reveal the new ‘Sanitizit’, featured on Channel 7, which the company will manufacture and support.

A first of its kind, Sanitizit replaces the need for employees to wipe down shopping trolleys, which often just focuses on the handles and not the whole trolley.

It can also be used in airports and hospitals.

Fahey said: “SAGE has always been at the forefront of innovation and I think this is another great example of this.

“I was fortunate enough to come across this product in the USA through one of our partners.

“Our team have since worked closely with the inventor to adapt the product to suit Australian conditions and requirements.”

The first unit is installed for testing in a Drake Supermarket in South Australia.

Owner John-Paul Drake said: “We can put a run of trolleys through the there and it puts a fine mist across the whole trolley, not just the handles but the whole trolley.

“That mist kills 99.9 per cent of all bacteria.”

Drakes plans to roll the units out across its 42 stores.

Fahey said: “We are already working with a number of other supermarkets nationally for future trials.”

Picture: Channel 7

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