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Saunders wins $17m in contracts to build mega-litre water tanks

Manufacturing News

Saunders International has won two contracts to build three 10 mega-litre water tanks.

One mega-litre is equal to one million litres, with a standard Olympic-sized swimming pool containing about 2.5 million litres of water, equating each of these tanks to around the size of four Olympic swimming pools of water.

The two contracts, totalling $17 million, are for Greater Western Water in Victoria and Sydney Water, in NSW.

The Victoria contract will see Saunders design and build two 10 mega-litre water tanks for storing potable water, which will be delivered to Aqua Metro, on behalf of Greater Western Water, in Sunbury.

In NSW, they will design a construct a single 10 mega-litre tank, marking the fourth tank project with Sydney Water in the last five years.

Saunders says the tank, part of the Marsfield Reservoir New Build, will have a design life of 100 years.




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