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Seeley to close Albury factory – blames Victorian gas ban

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Air cooling and heating manufacturer Seeley International has announced is to close its Albury, NSW plant and consolidation of operations in Adelaide, blaming Victoria’s Gas Substitution Pathway for the loss of 125 jobs.

The company manufactures Braemar gas appliances in Albury and air cooling systems in Adelaide, with a question mark having been thrown over Braemar’s future with the Pathway’s phase out of new gas connections for new dwellings, apartment buildings, and residential subdivisions.

Group Managing Director Jon Seeley said the Albury plant would close by December, 2025 with the Pathway a major factor in the closure.

Seeley said: “The consolidation of our Australian manufacturing operations is a difficult but necessary decision to ensure the economic sustainability of our business.

“The accelerated disruption to our industry caused by the Victorian Government’s inexcusable anti-gas obsession, and using taxpayers’ money to pay consumers to replace Australian-made gas heaters with imported reverse cycle systems, is extremely detrimental.

“This policy will only increase demand on an already overloaded, coal-fired electricity grid and drive emissions up, not down.’’

Late last month Seeley said it would expand its Adelaide air conditioning manufacturing operations, but made no mention of the future of the Albury plant.

“We believe in the importance of gas in the clean energy transition and recognise the need to plot a sensible path away from fossil fuels, including natural gas.

“But a premature exit from gas, without viable alternatives and credible solutions, is entirely reckless and will end up costing consumers the most.”

Seeley also lashed the imminent changes to federal industrial relations law which he described as akin to the straw that ‘broke the camel’s back’ for the company’s Albury operations.

Given the operation’s reliance on a seasonal workforce, Seeley International view the changes to casual employment would be a significant impediment to the utilisation of casual employees.

“The extreme and oppressive new industrial relations laws from the federal government will punish casual employees and their employers.

“As a result, it is no longer viable to have summer and winter seasonal peaks in two different locations with different workforces.

“The company remains strong and continues to drive innovation and product development in the clean energy transition, from its Adelaide base.”

Staff were notified today to give them as much notice as possible, with all workers to be given full entitlements and offered ongoing employment in Adelaide.

Retention of staff is a priority for Seeley International, and every effort will be made to support employees through this challenging transition.

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