Signature Orthopaedics, RMIT, University of Melbourne to announce collaborative projects within months

Medical device and implants developer Signature Orthopaedics, RMIT University and the University of Melbourne have announced a new partnership, aiming to bring new personalised medical implant technologies to market.

In a statement on Monday, the partnership was described as linking the company with research excellence in biomedical engineering, health, medicine, technology development and design. The first collaborative projects will be “announced in coming months.”

CEO Dr Declan Brazil, who founded the Lane Cove, Sydney-based manufacturer, said the trio will focus on specific areas of clinical and technological innovation.

“Together we will develop a clinical test bed for new materials, designs and methods in orthopaedic implants and devices, and connect our joint talent to amplify scientific and industry leadership across Australia’s growing Medtech sector,” said Brazil. 

The Technical Director of RMIT’s Advanced Manufacturing Precinct, Distinguished Professor Milan Brandt, added: “This partnership not only brings the three organisations closer in terms of research opportunities in healthcare but also has the potential to generate new medical products and processes of significant benefit to patients locally and globally.”

Professor Peter Lee from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, said the advantages of working with implant manufacturers from the early stages of a project were immense.

“It enables us to identify the project’s ‘pain points’ early and develop solutions to overcome them,” said Lee. 

“Unlike the traditional idea of prototyping when technology is nearly finalised, this partnership will accelerate our research for clinical applications benefiting patients.”

According to its website, Signature began in 2009 as a bespoke instrument design consultancy, and today manufactures devices including “a range of hip and knee joint replacements, extremity, spinal, osteosynthesis and soft tissue repair implants as well as their associated instrumentation.”

As well as Lane Cove, the company also has facilities in Ireland, the US, the UK and France.

Picture: Brandt, Brazil and Lee (credit RMIT)

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